11% of each Vizion purchase will go toward wildlife conservation!



The Vizion is a bracket style range finding device that attaches to the riser of your bow. It allows you to figure out the distance between you and an animal simply by viewing its size and comparing it to the Vizion’s yardage marks. An archer with a bow mounted Vizion will save time ranging and it will help them get to the shooting position quicker. 

1. The Vizion has a universal bracket that allows you to set the mathematically calculated key 26” from your shooting eye. This decreases error in ranging and maintains accuracy. 

2. It ranges animals while they are in the broadside, slightly angling and forward/rearward facing position.

3. It it is set up to range distances starting at 20 yards all the way up to 70 yards. The notched design with distinct lines allows you to quickly calculate a yardage with increased precision markings at 20, 25, 30, 35, and so forth out to 70 yards.

4. It can be used for both right and left handed archers. 

5. The top is set up to range broadside and slightly angling. The bottom is used to range while the animal is forward or rearward facing. 

6. The Vizion is the most accurate non-electronic range finding device because it measures the largest part of the animal's body which aids our eye in seeing a change in an animal's size at different distances, and it has been set up for mature animals because they vary less in length.

7. It is the easiest to set up. Just attach to the riser of the bow. Then double check the distance from your eye to the Vizion (26”) while at full draw. The distance in inches should match the number on the Vizion. There no extra steps to shoot and dial in. You can use your 20 yard pin when you range an animal at 20 yards. 

8. The Vizion allows for quick ranging, then after you use it it will not clutter your sight window. No extra pieces close to your pins to distract you.

9. It is well constructed. It will not fall off your bow due to changing weather conditions. 

10. The Vizion is also species specific. There is an specific key made for elk, whitetail deer, and mule deer based on the animals size and your eye to riser measurement.

11. The Vizion is set up to be closer to your eye than other bracket style rangefinders. This increases accuracy in ranging. If a product doesn’t tell you it needs to be a specific distance from your eye, then don’t trust its accuracy.