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The Vizion is a non-electronic rangefinding device that attaches to the riser of your bow. It is legal to use while archery hunting in all 50 states. The Pope and Young club allow animals harvested with its use to be entered into their record books, whereas animals harvested with other bow mounted electronic ranging devices are not accepted by the Pope and Young club.

The invention is best used in four main situations and skill sets. The first situation is when you encounter an animal at a close distance and you need to skip the step of using a hand held rangefinder so that you can get your bow drawn and ready. The second is for when you have already ranged an animal but it changes distance and you do not want to let down your bow to range the animal again. The third is for when you are in thicker cover and you cannot get an accurate reading from a rangefinder because you cannot tell if the rangefinder is picking up the animal or surrounding branches, but you can see the tip of its front shoulder and its hind end and it only needs to take a few steps to be in a clear lane. Finally, the Vizion will help train your eyes and mind in judging distance from you to an animal.

To use, you simply attach it to the riser of your bow in the window above or below your sight. Then you use its horizontal position to measure from the animals hind end to the tip of its front shoulder by placing the flat end on the animal's hind end, then you look to see where the tip of the animal's front shoulder is on the Vizion. Where the front shoulder ends will be the distance in yards it is from you to the animal. When the animal is facing with its head in the other direction you just measure with the flat end starting on the front shoulder then look to see where the hind end falls on the Vizion to see a yardage. 

The Vizion is set up to be a specific distance from your eye. This is the only way to maintain accuracy with bracket style ranging. It is also species specific. You can’t measure and range and elk and a whitetail with the same bracket style rangefinder and expect to get the same range.

It is set up for adult male animals, but because it is a tool it can be used for 1.5 to 2.5 year old animals by simply ranging the animal then holding your sight pin low for your aiming point on the animal's body for the shot.



The Vizion’s effectiveness does depend on how well your vision is and how our eyes work. I wanted to provided a little information on the capabilities of our eyes. The human eye can see color and detail exceptionally well. Our vision is powerful enough to distinguish between two lines that are one foot apart at 1000 yards with 20/20 or better vision. Your vision does not need to be 20/20 but 20/40 or better helps. That means that at 75 yards we can distinguish between two lines that are a half inch apart. You will be ranging animals that are less than 75 yards away and you will be looking at the Vizion that is 26 inches away from your eye. At 26 inches from your eye you can distinguish between two lines that are 1/2 a millimeter apart. This clarity will help you read the Vizion’s key and pick a yardage in seconds.

The other thing we are able to do with our eyes is judge distance. It is a survival skill that is built into all of us. We are able to create and continually sharpen the skill of judging distance, but you have to put in the practice. If you will practice ranging a target with the Vizion that is the size of the animal you are planning to hunt, your speed in ranging and recognizing features increase and becomes a skill and will be second nature to you.

Also, to use the Vizion successfully you will have to increase your knowledge on judging the age of an animal. You will need to distinguish between a 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5+ year old deer. The Vizion is set up for 3.5+ aged animals, but you can still use it on 1.5 to 2.5 year old animals by simply holding low at 1/4 of the body.


How a whitetail's body size changes as it ages


                                                                                   1.5 year old Elk                                       


3.5 year old elk

                                                                                                               4.5+ year old Elk

2.5 year old mule deer 


                3.5 year old Mule Deer


4.5 year old mule deer

          5.5+ year old mule deer





In this image the top of the Vizion is used to range animals broadside and slightly quartering.

The bottom is used to range animals when they are facing away or towards you.

This image shows how a Vizion would be attached to a right handed bow. The starting point would be the flat end on the left side of the Vizion.